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Toby Hill (b. San Francisco) is an artist based in Anderson Valley, California. He studied art at California College of the Arts, where he earned a bachelor of fine arts degree, and the School of Visual Arts in New York where he studied under New Yorker cartoonist Sam Gross. He has extensive experience as an architectural colorist and color plaster artisan in San Francisco, including projects at the Asian Art Museum and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.


His artistic practice has been informed, in part, by 15+ years of experience as a small-batch winemaker. Hill has found parallels in the stewardship required in winemaking and his underlying art making process. His lyrical yet restrained brushwork is used to capture imaginary figurative and abstract personalities, allowing the gestural marks to reveal a deeper symbology. Today, Hill brings the language of his drawing practice and the layered complexities of the gustatory medium into his visually abstract paintings.


His work has been exhibited at Lansing Street Gallery (Mendocino, CA), Medium Gallery (Ukiah, CA), Phyllis Kind Gallery (New York, NY), and the Sculpture Center (New York, NY), among others, and is held in private collections throughout the country. 

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