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Manchester Barn,  wood, plaster, pencil paint on wood panel .jpg

wood, plaster, pencil paint on wood panel

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ARTISTS of ANDERSON VALLEY brings together local professional artists to increase awareness of the fine arts in this area and to create opportunities to promote their work. Two decades ago,  the Anderson Valley Art Guild, artists in Boonville, Philo, Navarro, and Yorkville organized an annual, open studio tour to showcase the quality and diversity of the artists living here. We proudly continue that signature twenty year tradition, along with special group exhibitions, and community networking. MEET THE ARTISTS>


Beat Gallery

Deanna Apfel 
Nadia Berrigan 

Saoirse Byrne 
Martha Crawford 

Jan Dawson
Toby Hill 
Jimmy Humble 
Doug Johnson 
Rebecca Johnson 

Yoriko Kishimoto 

Rachel Lahn 

Nancy MacLeod &

Bill Allen
Judy & Doug Nelson

Candida Sanlorenzo 
Colleen Schenck
Marvin Schenck

Jack Schumacher 
Deanna Thomas 
Antionette von Grone 
Jan Wax & Chris Bing

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